Oktoberfest at BVV

Oktoberfest at BVV

The first ever Oktoberfest took place in Munich, Germany in 1810 on “Theresa’s Fields”. Fast forward to 2018, and we’re hosting our own Oktoberfest right here in Delaplane, Virginia at Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery!

Blue Valley Vineyard and Winery will be hosting Oktoberfest every single weekend, Friday through Sunday, during the month of October.


Oktoberfest: A Brief History

When the festival first began, the most popular event was the horse races. The races were slowly replaced by the Agricultural Show.  Every year that passed, the number of beer stands grew rapidly. Eventually by 1896, Breweries were setting up their own beer tents and halls at the annual festival. In celebration of the history of Oktoberfest, we will be highlighting a different local brewery each weekend and offering a selection of their craft beers for purchase here at the winery.

Each week we will be highlighting a different local brewery and offering two of that brewery’s German-style and/or Fall-inspired craft beers. Below is a list of the featured breweries and what beers you can expect to try:

  • October 5-7  The Farm Brewery: http://thefarmbreweryatbroadrun.com/  

    Oktoberfest Märzen 
    4.6% ABV        21 IBU
    A malty German amber lager brewed with German Munich & Pilsner malts and Hallertauer & Magnum hops. Rich, malty aromas precede caramel & toasty malt flavors with restrained bitterness for a very drinkable bier. Zum Wohl! (To Your Health!)

    Pumpkin Spice – New Release!

  • October 12-14 Wort Hog Brewery: http://www.whbrew.com/

    Hogtoberfest (Oktoberfest Märzen)
    5.6% ABV        22 IBU
    A traditional märzen bier, Wort Hog’s Hogtoberfest is truly a celebration of all things Autumn. (Their brewmaster’s favorite season!) They use only the finest German malts and hops in this perfectly balanced lager. Actually, almost every ingredient in their Hogtoberfest bier is German, with the exception of the water!

    Bechkam Street (Hoppy Pilsner)
    5.6% ABV        22 IBU
    Worthog’s Beckham Street Hoppy Pilsner is their crisp and dry summertime thirst-quencher. Using only the finest traditional European malts and hops, their Beckham Street Hoppy Pilsner is sure to be your go-to local lager! Prosit!

  • October 20-21 & 27-28 Honor Brewery: http://www.honorbrewing.com/

    Cherry Wheat
    5.5% ABV        10 IBU
    Honor Cherry Wheat is a Belgian style American wheat beer that is brewed to be crisp, refreshing, and drinkable.  Brewed with Pilsner and wheat malts, American yeast, and one pound per gallon of fresh tart and sweet cherry puree. 

    Link of Sight Lager
    4.5% ABV        10 IBU
    Officially registered in the US in 1952, Saaz hop that dates back over 700 years in Europe is known as the classic noble hop that produces a delicate mild lager with earthy, herbal and floral overtones. The simple “every day” drinking beer.

From drinking beer and watching the football game to drinking wine and enjoying the spectacular view of the valley, we have the perfect array of options to create a wonderful weekend for you, your friends and family.  Hang out, relax, and enjoy the flavors of fall!

Direct link: http://www.bluevalleyvineyardandwinery.com/oktoberfest-at-bvv/